About Thorpe Lane Caravan Storage Leeds

How & Where Thorpe Lane Caravan Storage Began.

(1958 – 1985)

Where It All Started. Serving the Local Community for Over 59 Years.

Originally, the Simpsons family purchased 83 Thorpe Lane in 1958 which became the family’s first business venture. Trading as Simpson Coke & Coal Haulage, selling and transporting coal around Leeds.

In 1985 there was a new business opportunity through the industry of vehicle dismantling. As a result, major adjustments were made to the land of 83 Thorpe Lane.

(1985 – 2010)

Going from Coal Haulage to Vehicle Dismantling & Storage.

Our entire premises were levelled and half of the site became a car dismantling firm known as the Simpsons Scrap Yard. With the other half serving in the storage industry. This involved: renting out yard space to local businesses, buying, refurbishing and selling used storage containers.

As experienced hauliers, we began to look at other haulage opportunities. That’s where DPW Simpson Lorry Mounted Crane Hire also began, transporting portable buildings throughout the UK. Our haulage is still running and trading as P Simpson & Sons Ltd.

(2010 – 2017)

Realising The Importance Of Low-Cost Storage.

Throughout the years, numerous container companies have come in and out renting yard space which Simpson would be the handler for these companies using self-storage. In 2010, we realised the importance of low-cost space and more businesses and residents had interests of our Self Storage in Leeds.

This is where our Simpson Scrap Yard venture slowly halted and came to an end. Therefore, due to gaining more yard space we were now able to expand our self-storage business.

We initially started with commercial storage and business compounds. This worked out to be ideal for us as local companies, especially construction and transport. Starting from the bottom and giving ourselves somewhere to work from. As a result, this became successful and we decided to expand to self-storage which has a big interest to the locals.

(2017 – Present)

Introducing Thorpe Lane Caravan Storage.

Since having great results and compliments from the locals over the last 7 years. We knew it was a good decision to actively use more yard space to cater for the self-storage industry, we began to expand the number of accessible containers for our customers and cleared up space in other sections of 83 Thorpe Lane Storage to dedicate space for providing Caravan owners safe and secure storage due to the high demand we received in the off-season.

Many caravan owners will know how much of a burden it is to store their travel-home on their own property, it usually takes up too much space and stands out like a sore thumb to burglars or damage. That’s what sparked the idea to launch Thorpe Lane Caravan Storage to serve caravan owners in and around the Leeds area.

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